Starlight Dance floor:
Our starlight dance floor is the perfect addition to your event. With a maximum area of 256 square foot, it can be built in a variety of sizes and dimensions. The 'beatbox' controller enables the bright white LEDs set in to the acrylic floor to dance with the beat of your music. 

We offer a range of chair options to suit your venue and budget. Chairvari wooden chairs are perfect for your up-market event. They are very comfortable, and dress well. We also offer 'Ghost' Chairvari chairs. These are the same design as our wooden option, but are constructed from clear acrylic, giving a more contemporary look. Both styles of chairvari come with either white or black padded seat cushions. We also hire plastic 'bistro' style chairs. These can be easily stacked and are perfect for informal events such as fairs or barbecues. 

We hire a variety of tables. Five foot round tables are perfect for wedding venues or dinner functions. These are constructed from either plastic or wood. We also hire 6 foot tresstle tables and poseur tables. 

We have excellent options for lighting. Our elegant crystal chandeliers look great in a marquee. We also hire festoon lighting and fairy lighting to create the perfect atmosphere. 

We have a number of professionally made Frizzante bars. What better way to ensure you and your guests have a night to remember than with Frizzante on tap. Take advantage of approx. 160, 125ml servings per keg plus an option for lager & John Smiths chilled to perfection. Make your party the one everyone is talking about.